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In this moment,
I trudge this road
And manage to get
Just a little bit,

Only in my youth,
When things went
Fast, did I have
The imagination
For more

Now I just do the
Mundane, and am
Never bored or
Over anxious
I Just write

And so
This is
My 33
Year old





“In the second hand shop
His own book
Inscribed to a friend.”

Received some inspiration for a blog today from a book by John Brandi and Steve Sanfield. These guys worked together to collect poetry that speaks to me personally, and I doubt anyone else could ever understand any of it. Here is another short piece from their book,

“Kerouac Alley:
Rotting garbage
In the air.”

I’m sure no one else in the world besides me can find the humor in this. Such symbolism in few words that nobody besides me on this day can appreciate. This is a delicate subject for me, due to my favorite adventure novel was written by Kerouac, but nobody else in the world feels the same as me.

“Not changing clothes
for a week
-that kind of life”

I’m certain nobody besides me has been to afraid to leave the home. Or, to get a job. Or, to even type a poem. I’m sure no one has gone a month without changing clothes. I mean, maybe. No, definitely not. I bet no one has woken up and been to cold to get in the shower, and had the choice not to take a shower, but I have done all the above.

Now I hope you understand I am being sarcastic and everyone can identify with this poetry. It is wondrous. I laughed, sitting by myself in my home. It was a pleasant release for me to go through this book and I hope you find your way to it.

The book is called, No Other Business Here by John Brandi and Steve Sanfield.